Help Shape Your Road Management Plan

As the road authority for around 1,300 kilometres of roads in the Central Goldfields Shire, we are required to update our Road Management Plan every four years.

At the March 2024 Council Meeting, Councillors approved the Draft Road Management Plan 2024 for community feedback.

The Road Management Plan sets the parameters by which Council will operate the road network over the next term of Council.

The review of the Road Management Plan is important because it determines the way in which Council manages, inspects, repairs and maintains its roads.

The aim is to ensure our road network is safe, well presented and maintained to standards that are affordable.

How are roads maintained?

flowchart showing the process for handling road defects

Inspection, Prioritisation and Action System

The above flowchart shows how road maintenance is managed whether it is reported by the public, in a defect inspection program, or part of the normal inspection program.

If you report a road issue, our Assets team will inspect it between 2 and 10 days (depending on type of road)

From this inspection the issue will either:

  • Be rectified immediately if the defect needs intervention (as per Road Management Plan)
  • Be blocked off to ensure public safety if it cannot be repaired immediately
  • Be added to programmed defect inspections, which happen every 6 to 12 months (depending on type of road), if the issue doesn’t need intervention immediately. These works are then scheduled in when those issues or defects reach a threshold during that inspection.
  • If no issue or defect is found during the inspection, the area will fall into standard condition inspections that occur every 6 to 12 months (depending on type of road).