Let’s talk waste and recycling!

The Victorian Government is changing the way councils collect household rubbish and recycling.

The changes, aimed at encouraging reuse and recycling, will commence in October 2023 and include:

  • Glass will be prohibited from your Yellow Lidded Recycling Bin from October 2023.
  • Instead, your glass will need to be placed in dedicated glass drop off bins which will be located at the transfer stations (Carisbrook, Dunolly and Talbot) and at various other locations across the Shire (we’ll be working with our community to determine where these locations should be).
  • New, Food and Organics Bins will be located at transfer stations. The green/organics bin will continue to be an optional service for residents in urban areas

The changes are being timed to be implemented in line with the new contracts for kerbside collection and transfer station operations.

The changes are mandated by the Victorian Government through the Circular Economy Policy and the new Act [the Circular Economy Waste Reduction and Recycling) Act 2021].

The purpose of these changes is to shift from our linear economy (dig it up, use it, throw it away) to one that encourages the reuse and recycling of our products.

There is an increased focus on finding opportunities for local utilization of the products that we throw away.

Cleaning up our waste streams so that products are more readily able to be reprocessed is part of the work being delivered through these changes.

The State Government is calling this process the Kerbside Transition.

Glass is being removed from the commingled stream (recycling) as when it breaks it splinters and gets stuck in other recyclable products.

This decreases the value of the product and reduces the number of manufacturers that will use these recycled products.

Council has carried out a trial using crushed glass in concrete as an example of diversifying the end uses of our recyclables.

The Victorian Government is introducing a container deposit scheme in 2023. This will be similar to the schemes run in Queensland and New South Wales, and will target containers and bottles commonly littered. The types of containers that will attract a deposit refund will be communicated over the next 12 months. This will include some glass containers such as stubbies and soft drink bottles.

As more details are released there will be opportunities to understand how the local community can get involved in this scheme and potentially raise money for their clubs and groups.

Fortunately, we’ve been operating with a FOGO system for many years now which puts us ahead of many other councils. The FOGO service will remain an optional service for our residents.


Continue to waste and recycle as you do now. Glass continue to be placed into the yellow lid bin. We'll provide you with plenty of notice of where to take your glass in 2023.

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