This Girl Can Week 2022

Do you know a club, person, or group in Central Goldfields working to help or inspire women and girls to get active? We want to help spread the good word!

This September, Central Goldfields Shire Council is partnering with VicHealth and Sports Focus to celebrate This Girl Can- a campaign that aims to inspire women and girls to get active, however, wherever, and whenever they choose, without being judged.

Central Goldfields Shire Council is looking for nominations for clubs, community groups and individuals who are breaking down barriers and getting active!

Nominees will be contacted and offered the opportunity to be promoted to the community and celebrated during This Girl Can week- September 12 – 18 on Central Goldfields Shire Council's social media pages.

Some examples of a nominee may be:

  • A club or group that offers opportunities for women to be involved and supports them to participate- e.g. through the creation of a women’s or mixed team, through scheduling activities at times that are accessible for women, running activities for women and girls, or supporting them in other ways
  • A woman or girl who is a leader in their sport or activity and inspires others to join
  • An individual who makes a deliberate effort to support women and girls to be active e.g. coaching or hosting spaces for women to join or participate
  • A woman or girl who volunteers and contributes to making a sport or activity happen for others
  • Or any others that contribute to this space!

If you’re interested in nominating a person, club, or group, please fill out the form below!

Nominations close Friday, 18 September 2022.