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In June, Council adopted the 2021-2025 Revenue and Rating Plan following a four-week community consultation period, with no feedback or submissions received.

The Plan guides how rates will be set in our Shire now and into the future.

You can view the Revenue and Rating Plan under 'Important resources' on this page.

The Revenue and Rating Plan was developed to guide how we set rates in our Shire. The Plan was adopted at the June Council Meeting.

Each year, Central Goldfields Shire Council reviews and updates how rates are set for properties in the Shire which is then captured as a strategic planning document.

At its meeting on 25 May 2021, Council endorsed an updated Draft Revenue and Rating Plan 2021 - 2025 with the final Revenue and Rating Plan adopted at the June Council Meeting.

Rates are an important part of Council's ability to deliver essential community infrastructure and services.

The rates Council collects are a form of property tax. The value of each property is used as the basis for calculating what each property owner will pay.

The video below gives a clear explanation of how rates work, and why they're important.


Our revenue and rating strategy is a plan which will determine a number of fees and charges and in particular how we apply rates to different types of properties across the Shire. The Plan provides detailed information on the differential rating system and municipal charges.