During July, 2023 we invited our community to provide feedback on the Draft Procurement Policy.

Our Procurement Policy sets out the principles and processes under which we purchase goods and services on behalf of the community.

It’s important that the policy ensures procurement is based on good governance, best possible value and the public interest.

The last Policy was adopted by Council in 2021, so it was important to update the Policy to ensure it meets the requirements of the law and regulators, and the expectations of the community.

Some of the updates to the previous policy included:

  • Making sustainable procurement values clearer
  • Tightening up definitions around contract management to ensure good governance
  • Adjusting thresholds to better match industry standard and market conditions
  • Strengthening provisions for the appointment of a probity advisor (giving independent oversight)

The updated Procurement Policy was endorsed by Council at the August Council Meeting. You can read it here.