The project aims to examine the significance and extent of HO206 and prepare a suite of policy and guidance documents to identify and protect the heritage values of central Maryborough and guide appropriate future development in Maryborough’s heritage areas.

In early 2022, Council received funding and project management support from the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) under the Regional Planning Hub program to run this project. The plan will complement the recommendations of previously adopted council strategies including the Planning Scheme Review 2020, the Population, Housing and Residential Settlement Strategy 2020 and the Retail Recovery Program 2022.

The project will consider previous heritage work, including but not limited to the findings of the Central Goldfields Heritage Review: Stage 1 (Rowe & Jacobs, 2005) and the Maryborough Heritage Study (1992).

DELWP Regional Planning Hub has engaged a team specialist consultant – Extent Heritage Pty Ltd to undertake this project.

How Can you Get Involved?

Maryborough Heritage Reference Group

In order to support the review, a heritage reference group comprising interested members of the public will be established. The reference group will provide feedback to council and their consultants on potential heritage places, precincts, and resources.

Interested members of the public are encouraged to apply by filling out the Expression of Interest Form (attached under Document Library) and email to

A general information session regarding the project and the reference group was held in November 2022.

Other Community and Stakeholder Sessions

There will be other targeted stakeholder sessions with Maryborough Midlands Historical Society and other relevant agencies and authorities throughout the project.

Please keep an eye on this site or Council’s social media channels for more information on the project.

The current Maryborough Heritage Overlay HO206 is based on the Maryborough Heritage Study conducted in 1992. A review of the Shire’s heritage controls was done in 2005 (Central Goldfields Heritage Review, 2005) and the review recommended changes to the existing HO206 stating that some areas within the overlay do not warrant Heritage Overlay controls. The review proposed 8 smaller heritage precincts to replace the HO206.

Due to the significant constraints on outward growth of Maryborough because of extensive native vegetation and associated bushfire risk, The Population, Housing and Residential Strategy (2020) recommended infill development and facilitation of urban consolidation in established parts of Maryborough. However, the strategy found that the existing HO206 impedes infill development within the township as it covers too large area, including many places with little or no heritage value. The recently adopted Retail Recover Program (2022) also recommended a review of the HO206 to help revitalise the CBD retail area.

This project will review the recommendations of the previous heritage studies in the present context and formulate strategies to reduce the impact of HO206 while protecting areas of genuine heritage significance.

The project will be split into two stages:

  • Stage 1 Preliminary Heritage Review. This stage will involve an initial review of the background material on the site, consultation with the Council and community, preliminary visual assessment (fieldwork) of the project area, archival research and preparation of a recommendations report to establish the approach to Stage 2 Detailed Heritage Review.
  • Stage 2 Detailed Heritage Review. This stage will involve some further consultation with Council and the community, further detailed visual assessment (fieldwork), archival research, preparation of heritage citations for new precincts as well as HO206, preparation of Excel spreadsheet data for input to HERMES Orion by DELWP, preparation of the Maryborough Heritage Design Guidelines, preparation of the Heritage Overlay Exemptions Guidelines, as well as some inputs into the Draft Planning Scheme Amendment documentation.

The review is limited to heritage controls in Maryborough, in particular the precinct level heritage overlay HO206 and the site-specific applications of the HO.

The project team will undertake a preliminary review of HO206 Maryborough Heritage Area. Key tasks will include:

  • Review of any existing heritage content and the curtilage for HO206.
  • Review of other background information, including but not limited to the findings of the Central Goldfields Heritage Review: Stage 1 (Rowe & Jacobs, 2005), and the Maryborough Heritage Study (1992).
  • Undertake fieldwork to inspect the precinct and commence the process of identifying potential new precinct areas and individual places.
  • Archival research, as required.

The Heritage Overlay is part of the Victoria Planning Provisions and is contained in every planning scheme across Victoria. It is a planning tool that protects locally significant heritage places through controls and permit requirements.

The purpose of the Heritage Overlay is:

  • To conserve and enhance heritage places of natural or cultural significance.
  • To conserve and enhance those elements which contribute to the significance of heritage places.
  • To ensure that development does not adversely affect the significance of heritage places.
  • To conserve specified heritage places by allowing a use that would otherwise be prohibited if this will demonstrably assist with the conservation of the significance of the heritage place.

Extent Heritage Pty Ltd is a group of specialist consultants in the areas of built and urban heritage, archaeology, cultural and historic landscapes, Aboriginal cultural heritage, and storytelling through heritage interpretation with significant experience in similar projects in Victoria and across the country.