​Maryborough Aerodrome Advisory Group –Expressions of Interest

Following the completion of the Maryborough Aerodrome Business Casework and the expiry of the Maryborough Aerodrome Taskforce that was set up approximately two years ago, a new advisory group is being established to provide expert advice and guidance to the Council and its Executive on matters pertaining to the management, development, operation, and maintenance of the Maryborough Aerodrome.

What happens next?

If you wish to submit an expression of interest you can do so:

  1. Online: Complete the form below
  2. Via email: Please email mail@cgoldshire.vic.gov.au with the subject line EOI – Maryborough Aerodrome Advisory Group, and provide:
  3. - your name and address
    - contact details including a daytime phone number
    - a description of your interest in the group
    - what attributes/skills you would bring to the group

Persons selected to join the group from this EOI process will be appointed for an initial period of 24 months as per the terms of reference.

Members will be appointed by Counci senior staff and this will take place mid to late September 2023.