What is Engaging Central Goldfields?

Community engagement is a process that connects the Shire with the community to exchange views, ideas and information.

Engaging Central Goldfields is one way we want to support that conversation and help you stay up to date.

So what is Engaging Central Goldfields?

It's a place where you can:

  • Share your views, comments and ideas to help shape our region
  • Ask questions and have them answered
  • View information on various Council projects
  • Stay informed on key projects and initiatives

How do we use your input?

Whenever there is an opportunity for you to influence part or all of a decision, we provide you with:

  • The information you need to form an opinion
  • An opportunity to provide input through a community engagement process

Usually, we combine your feedback with other evidence (research/customer data), expert knowledge and our strategic policies and guided legislation to come to an informed decision.

We are committed to keeping you in the loop about how we use your feedback, so keep an eye on Engaging Central Goldfields for updates.

Community engagement is key in helping us achieve our Community Vision to be;

"In 2031, we are an inspiring, thriving and prosperous community of choice, we’ve taken bold steps towards growing our economy and our community is full of optimism and opportunities.

We are kind, connected and inclusive and we nurture creativity, leadership and innovation.

We value and invest in our young people and our health and wellbeing is high.

We live sustainably, cherish and protect our environment and heritage and we have access to outstanding jobs, education, health, community services, infrastructure, and housing."